MAGIC MEDEIROS is very proud to present one of the best collections of performance racing pigeons in the county. We are always searching for pigeons that win at all distances. The racing pigeon sport has changed a great deal. It has become faster and more competitive, which makes it so much more difficult to stay ahead of the racing pigeon sport.

It all started for us three years ago when we got together as the great team of Magic Medeiros. Magic being The Specialist: Mr. Pete Sloan, and Medeiros being Durval Medeiros . We have been great friends for many years, from the soccer field, to our now favourite Racing Pigeon Sport where we don’t have to run anymore. The great passion that we have for these amazing birds is unbelievable. They never let us down! That’s why they are a part of us.

Our great strain of Magic Medeiros Pigeons.

We added birds from The Great One: Mr. Ozzie Van Haverbeke, The Master: Karl von Gradony, The Doctor: Mr. Tony Alves, and The Star: Mr. Bob Duhar. With friends like this, how do you go wrong?  With these performance pigeons, how can it not improve your loft and your race results? That’s what we all want.

For information on our birds please feel free to contact us at anytime.